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Long Term Care Benefit Plan
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Your Life Insurance Policy Can Pay For Your Long-Term Care

This is something that the insurance industry has kept secret for decades because they profit from the cancellations.

85% of all policy holders let their policy lapse or surrender it for the remaining cash value and they lose the many thousands of dollars in premiums they paid in over the years.

A better solution!

If you no longer need, or can no longer afford your policy, and are considering letting it lapse or surrendering it for the remaining cash value, you can now convert your policy into our Long Term Care Benefit Plan that can give you much more money than the cash surrender value.

With our Long Term Care Benefit Plan, the policy holder receives on average 30% - 60% of the policy's face amount!

Highlights of the Plan Include:

  • All health conditions are accepted
  • No costs to apply
  • No requirement to be terminally ill
  • There are no fees, premium payments or loans
  • Benefit payments are tax exempt
  • Convert a policy into a monthly benefit in as little time as 30 days
  • Term Life, Universal Life, Whole Life and Group Life policies all qualify
  • Benefit is flexible and can be adjusted as care needs change
  • Home Care can be provided by a family member who can be paid
  • Final expense benefit provided
  • The Benefit Plan is a qualified Medicaid spend down of assets
  • The Long Term Care Benefit Plan conforms to all State Insurance Department regulations for Life Settlements and Viaticals.

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Testimonial 1

“Thank you so much. You have given me wonderful news today that I needed so badly. This will help my father and his finances as well as my own! And now I can be caught up financially and back on schedule. My heart felt gratitude to you.”

- Elbert A, TX

Testimonial 2

“My father was upset that he was a financial burden on me and my husband causing a lot of strain on our marriage. Your company moved swiftly and got the job done with your Long Term Care Benefit Plan. I cannot express to you the burden off of me. I will be forever grateful!”

- Carrie S, IL

Case Examples
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Female / 74




24 Months


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How to Qualify:

  • Need for Senior Care services within 3 months upon enrollment
  • In-force life insurance policy with a death benefit of $50K or more

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